Combination Door Company

Combination Door Company makes some of the finest doors in the world.

We pay the same attention to detail that small handcrafters do, but also offer the short lead times, consistency and advanced technology of a larger company. Our doors are manufactured in many wood species in a multitude of standard sizes as well as custom sizes, supplying orders from one to 5000 doors.

With a Wood Combination Door, You Have Choices.

The Easy-Change Door is timeless. No matter what style of home you have, there is an Easy-Change Door that will capture its beauty. Our large selection of designer grille inserts can also add distinction to your home.

And the Difference is Forever.

An Easy-Change Door means true craftsmanship. Each door is handmade of solid wood and engineered components, which means your door is one of a kind that’s going to endure time. Made from the natural beauty of wood, an Easy-Change Door is handcrafted with precision and pride.

Increase the Value of Your Home.

The Easy-Change Door is an easy way to increase the value of your home without significant cost. Secure and energy-efficient, an Easy-Change Door adds a natural look of elegance and beauty. They’re also durable, meaning you can restore any sign of wear and tear, unlike aluminum doors.

Customize Your Door.

Easy-Change Doors are handmade; therefore, we can offer customized doors that reflect the individual beauty of your home. With all of the planning and care that goes into building or restoring a home, we can offer specialty doors that match your specifications. And once you have your door home, don’t forget about colors. While aluminum doors are only available in basic colors, Easy-Change Doors made from natural wood allow endless choices in both paint and stain.

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