Aluminum Brake 10'

$50 - $300

Time Needed

Aluminum Brake 10'

Bend trimwork on the jobsite like a pro. The Pro19 stores material inside brake - reduces handling and flipping of material. Patented Moving Pivot Hinge increases bending power. 180 deg. hemming capability for making more rigid panels. Throat depth: 19"; mouth opening: 2-3/8"; length: 10'6". Weight: 121 lb. Capacities: Soft aluminum up to .030, galvanized steel up to 28-gauge, and copper sheet and coil up to 16 oz. Refer to model No. 11720 for Bending Brake Snap Stand and model No. 11989 for Bending Brake Snap Stand Wheel Kit , both sold separately. 1 year limited warranty. Angle gauge model No. 11663, Pro Cut-off with case model No. 10379, and SideWinder model No. 10776 accessories sold separately. No. 10558: Throat Depth: 19", Mouth Opening: 2-3/8", Length: 10'6", Weight: 121 lb, Soft Aluminum Capacity: Up to 0.030, Galvanized Steel Capacity: Up to 28 ga, Copper Sheet & Coil Capacity: Up to 16 oz

HOW TO USE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zaEgkCzMw4

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