Information You Should Know About Your Rental


  • Please complete all rental pick-ups and returns 1/2 hour prior to closing
  • We are open on Saturday morning for pick-ups
  • We do not make deliveries on Saturday or Sunday

Rental Rate

  • Minimum Rental Period: One day unless otherwise noted
  • Half Day: Applicable to a limited number of tools, which are available at a four hour rate. Tools taken on Saturday must be returned by 11:30am
  • Day: Any 24-hour period preceded and followed by a work day
  • Month: 28 consecutive days
  • Holiday: On holidays, when Geppert Rental is closed, anything picked up after 4:00pm on the day before the holiday and returned by 8:00am the day after the holiday will be charged for one day


A 48-hour cancellation is required.  If a reservation is cancelled the day of delivery or pick-up, customer will be charged amount of original contract.   


Available with a charge depending on location. For weekend events, we deliver on Fridays, and pick up on Mondays.  Rentals are left in driveway or front yard - we do not set up or tear down any rentals. For mid-week events, we drop off the day before and pick up the day after the event. We do not offer weekend delivery. Please call us for delivery availability and charges.  


A non-refundable reservation deposit (50% of daily rental rate) is required to secure a reservation. A notice of 48 hours is required to cancel a reservation or the reservation deposit will be forfeited (12:00 noon on the Wednesday prior for weekend reservations). A $50 – $250 security deposit will be taken at the time of pick-up which will be returned once items are returned in good working order.
Payment is due at time of pickup or delivery by Geppert’s. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or house account (with approval). We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Proper ID is required (driver’s license, state photo ID). Geppert is unable to issue any type of credit (full or partial) on any equipment not used, once it have been delivered or picked up.



Customer agrees to properly care for equipment, to use it within its rated capacity, to restrict its use to customer qualified personnel, and to prohibit anyone other than authorized personnel to repair equipment. Customer agrees to pay for all damage to the equipment resulting from improper use or abuse of the equipment.

Cleaning Charge

Customer will be charged a $10 cleaning fee at the time of the rental.


The customer will be responsible for all tire damage or flats. Trouble due to normal wear will be the responsibility of Geppert Rental.

Liquid Levels

Long-term rental customers shall take care of all normal needs of equipment including checking oil level, coolant system level, and battery water level at the beginning of each eight hour shift. Customer shall supply and use clean fuel, oil, coolant, and battery water as required.

Fall Protection

Safety belts and lanyards or not supplied with telescoping and articulating equipment. Customer is responsible for any such equipment.


Customer agrees to pay for any damage to, or loss of, equipment regardless of cause, except reasonable wear and tear, while the equipment is in possession of the customer. Proof of insurance is required before equipment is rented.

Customer shall, at his own expense, keep the equipment insured during the term of agreement for the full value thereof, against all risks of physical loss or damage from any cause, irrespective of deductible, with loss payable clauses for the benefit of Geppert Rental.

For any deliveries, all items must be broken down, stacked and ready for pick up. Items must be outside and accessible. The delivery location must be accessible for vehicles and workers to safely load and unload.
Once the equipment leaves Geppert Rental’s property, you are completely responsible for it until it is returned to Geppert Rental and you have a pick up/return receipt in your hands. Our insurance does not cover equipment while it is in your possession.