Geppert Lumber


Make a statement and add curb appeal to your home with our vast selection of architectural columns. We carry everything from wood, vinyl, and PVC to aluminum and fiberglass, offering you a wide range of column products to meet any style and budget. So, whether you like sleek and modern or more historical flourishes, our trustworthy experts will walk you through the process end to end and helping you make the best selection for your home.

Fairway Railing with Columns


Fairway goes beyond functionality to achieve a desired aesthetic to create a distinctive sense of space. We are committed to helping all our customers achieve that uncompromised, singular look they’re seeking.

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HB&G Columns

HB&G Fiberglass Columns

HB&G offers the most extensive selection of columns and porch products on the market. With a wide variety of sizes, styles and material options to choose from, we have the interior and exterior columns to meet the needs of any project. Our elegant porch products are available in limitless designs, which means you'll find the perfect porch columns and posts to enhance and elevate the beauty of any home.

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Intex Column Wrap

Intex Millwork Solutions

Wrapped in stylish designs, newels and columns can do double duty as both vital structural components and dramatic visual elements. Homes adorned with columns and newels convey a feeling of timeless strength and beauty.

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Turncraft Columns

Turn Craft

As a division of Cascade Wood Products, we have direct control of the raw materials used in our wood products. Unlike other column manufacturers, our ability to monitor materials at each step of the process ensures every Turncraft column will offer both the natural beauty and the quality needed to stand the test of time. Quality control is further improved by using specialized machinery unique to each product line. By keeping our manufacturing facilities separate, we can better monitor, control and improve how well and how efficiently all of our products are constructed.

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