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Lumber is the backbone of any successful construction or renovation project. That’s why the experts at Geppert Lumber take such care in sourcing only the highest quality lumber products from proven providers and manufacturers around the world.

Engineered Lumber

Engineered Lumber

Used for many purposes including support joists, veneers and design elements, engineered lumber is quickly becoming a pro-preferred wood product. Engineered lumber offers consistent quality throughout because of its dry material fabrication process. It also adheres to very tight manufacturing standards. As a result wood I-joists generally do not shrink, warp, cup, crown or twist.

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Framing Lumber

Framing Lumber

At Geppert Lumber, we carry everything you need to build a home, including the framing lumber or structure lumber. Our materials for framing are made of denser wood to provide the highest structural strength. And since not all buildings have the same requirements, we provide you with a variety of framing lumber options to help ensure your homes are up to code.

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Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure Treated

Looking for wood that is protected against rot and insects? We've got you covered. Our pressure treated wood is infused with chemical preservatives deep into the lumber making it an ideal choice for outdoor structures such as wooden decks and fences.

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Trim Boards

No project is complete without the finishing touches. Our selection of trim boards helps you add the important decorative elements to the home. Trim boards create a streamlined look between the walls and floors, ceilings, doors and windows. Geppert Lumber carries all styles including ornate, decorative, simple, and classic.

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Plywood and Panel

Plywood & Panel

A great solution for many projects, we supply a large stock of plywood and panel lumber. Plywood is commonly used for general construction projects like walls, flooring, and roof decking. It’s made from lower density softwood veneers making it easy to cut, carry and install. Our selection of lumber panels are excellent for soundproofing and available in a variety of veneer finishes.

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