Flooring & Ceilings

Geppet Lumber offers a wide selection of windows and doors, including standard, insulated and Low-E products.

  • BerryAlloc

    BerryAlloc is a new brand in floor and wall covering that will replace the former Berry Floor brand and the Alloc brand.

  • Bruce Flooring
    Bruce Flooring

    For over 100 years, our customers have trusted us to provide beautiful, long-lasting hardwood floors and stylish, durable laminate floors.

  • Chelsea Plank Flooring
    Chelsea Plank Flooring

    Chelsea Plank Flooring® is a brand name and registered trademark of a product manufactured by Frame Hardwoods in Chelsea, Michigan.

  • Fusion Hybrid Floors
    Fusion Hybrid Floors

    The Fusion and Vision engineered vinyl floors were created to solve the problems that come with wood floors failing due to exposure to moisture.

  • HomerWood

    Appalachian Hardwood, lovingly handcrafted into the finest American-made hardwood floors – The Essence of HomerWood.

  • Johnson Flooring
    Johnson Flooring

    Johnson Hardwood Flooring is one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood worldwide with distribution to the US and Canada.

  • Johnsonite Flooring
    Johnsonite Flooring

    The world has clearly changed. We choose to see these issues as an opportunity rather than a problem.

  • Mullican Flooring
    Mullican Flooring

    Mullican Flooring was founded in 1985, and we have since dedicated ourself to creating the highest quality of hardwood flooring worldwide.

  • Tarkett Flooring
    Tarkett Flooring

    With more than 130 years of history, Tarkett is a worldwide leader of innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions.